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It is cool if we reply to these, or are you wanting to save yourself a few posts beforehand, so that you can do thorough updates? If so, I'll remove my post and re-post when you give the O.K.

I just want to talk about the difficulty spike. It's nice, but it's irritating when you want to restart a song, as you've messed up. Whenever I restart, it makes me play at a higher difficulty", when I want to get the easier difficulty down to an art first. I haven't found any way of resetting it, other than backing out to the main menu, and resetting the difficulty in the Options menu.

The game is really good though, and I'm already getting the hang of a few things. I was a damn good Guitar Hero player, long before I even touched a guitar, so this transition is really good for me as I can play my real guitar, but still play in the same environment as Guitar Hero.

I have noticed one issue though; Tuning. My guitar was tuned by a friend, and it sounded fantastic. The game made me tune to E Standard, and it really doesn't sound right at all. The top string doesn't match the other strings (bear with me, I'm a noob with terminology here). Also, I know you have to do it when you play a song, but having to check the guitar is in tune after every little thing is ANNOYING!

I was very pleased with the included fret markers, as though I can count the frets very well, it's nice to just know instantly where to place your fingers.

Which guitar are you using? I have an Ibanez GRG-170DXL (L is for Left-handed). I know it's a budget guitar, but I love it!

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