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Nothing quite like the siren song that is Halo to make you think about buying one of these. I've considered getting one in the past, namely the G155, because I often wind up in hotel rooms on my travels with shit television sets from the 1980s. You know, those fat things that only had RCA inputs, no HDMI or even component video, that only had a resolution of 480i? Yeah, those.

Once I saw this thing, it was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. Come Nov 6th I'll have my Halo 4 edition console sitting on this Vanguard case, playing Halo on the 19" screen on our coffee table while my wife watches television, at least until she goes to bed and I can go back to playing Halo 4 on our big living room TV.

Don't forget though when you don those aviator glasses, that you won't need the projector at work to play it. Built-in 19" LED and speaker system means you need nothing but the xbox you're packing inside it, and the nearest electrical outlet!

Honestly, I think they should hand out the first Halo 4 edition console sold at midnight in Times Square to whoever is die-hard enough to be the first one in line alongside (or inside) one of these bad boys. I would be jealous of the guy for getting it for free, but it would be great for PR.

My wallet is going to hate me in Nov. I'm selling the copy of Halo 4 that comes with the console for $50, but that means I'll still be out $350 for the console (no sales tax or shipping from newegg), $108 for the limited edition of Halo 4, and $380 for this thing (350 plus tax and shipping). Nearly $840.... jeez, well an early Merry Halomas to me!
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