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Egg Master - 30
Complete all Golden Egg levels

Here are links to completing all Golden Eggs on Classic and Seasons. The video shows how to get them and how to beat them. Keep in mind though that this was the Mobile Version so the videos on how to get them could be wrong. I can't seem to find anything on the Rio eggs as they are new. If anyone finds something, let me know.

Classic -
Seasons -

Splash of Flavor - 10
Collect 10 Rio fruits

Refer to River of Flavor.

River of Flavor - 30
Collect all Rio fruits

Here is the link to finding all Rio fruits. You should have no problem getting these.

Blocpocalypse - 20

Smash 50 blocks with the first bird (before launching another bird)

An easy level to get this is on Bonus Level 3 of Angry Birds Rio, which you will unlock after completing all 30 levels of Episode III: Beach Volley.

I got the achievement on my first attempt and had 70+ blocks smashed.

Credit to: Chaos Machina X

Voyager - 30
Launch 5000 birds

This is very simple, just launch those bad boys while going for other achievements. You can keep track of your progress in the Options - Statistics main menu.

Squawkward - 10
Launch 10 birds backwards

Very easy. Simply launch 10 birds backwards just like it says. You can launch as many as you have in the first level and hit retry to finish. Nothing to it.

Wright Flyer - 10
Make a bird fly 200 meters

This is easily done with the white birds that shoot eggs when you want them to. Simply get to a level with these birds and shoot the top of the blocks so the bird flies without hitting anything on the way. I believe they are first introduced on Classic, level 2-14.

Spirit of St. Louis - 20
Send birds flying 100 km

This is just a cumulative achievement of all birds you have launched. You just need to reach 100 km which isn't much at all. You can keep track of your progress in the Options - Statistics main menu.

Hyperefficient - 20
Finish a level with a single bird

You can get this on Level 1-1 in Classic. There is only 1 pig so it's almost impossible to not get this there.

Pig-friendly - 10
Fail a level 10 consecutive times

Simple. You can just fail the first level 10 times in a row. Just launch your birds backwards for the Squawkward achievement so you know you won't hit anything. Then keep hitting Retry once you have launched all of your birds.

Super-Effective - 50

Clear out a level completely (without the Mighty Eagle)

This can be done on the very first stage of Rio, 1-1. If you free the caged birds on the first bird you shoot, you can still fire your remaining birds to destroy the other boxes as long as you fire them in time before the level finishes. Using this method, you can easily fire your remaining birds to destroy the boxes that weren't broken by the first bird.

Credited to: Krazie x360a

Scramble - 20

Have 5 different birds in play at one time

This is easily done on Rio, level 4-15. You have 5 types of birds on this level. Right at the start, just fire them all at a high arc, one after another as soon as you can fire the next one. The good thing is, even when a bird hits a surface, they will usually bounce around the level for a little bit as well. This gives you that extra amount of time you need in order to make sure you have at least 5 different birds in play at once.

Credited to: Krazie x360a/IEvil IMonkey
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