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Good start, but i want to say that you are way off on time and how hard the game is. I would say it takes a least 100+ hours to 1000 the game because you have to get 3 stars on all 700 levels, and you have to finish all 700 again with the Mighty Eagle 100% clear out. So you have to play all 700 levels twice, and some if not most are not easy even with a video guide, i know someone who is trying to 1000 it and he sometimes spends more than 1 hour on one level, and has only 3 stared the first two episodes and got 100% on one episode with the Mighty Eagle. And he's has been playing it for 25-30 hours already. Heck it might take more then 100 hours, in fact this article with one of the developers says that it take 300 hours to get the clear all the levels 100% with the Mighty Eagle achievement and another 100 for the get 3 stars on all levels achievement!

I really don't think it's going to take that long to 1000 the game, but in that same article it's says it take 30 hours just to play all the levels of the game. So i would highly recommend you to change how long it takes to complete to a 100-150 hours for now, you might have to make it higher later. As for how hard it is i would put it a least a 8, but from what i heard and seen i would personally put it a 9. I really think this game is going to be a very rare completion because of how many levels there are and you have to play all 700 of them twice, and like i said before can get very hard even with a video guide.

How i didn't go on too long, just trying to help you make a good guide.

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