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Originally Posted by xXmyxxmastaXx View Post
it obviously says armor AND Skin
Yes that picture does say that. But I'm pretty sure that picture was neither put together by, or released by 343. I certainly never saw it on their site. The only thing I ever heard from 343 was "Recruit Prime Armor Skin"

And Gamestop's website, which is where I first saw anything on the Limited Edition and where I ordered it from, says "Unique in-game Spartan IV armor skin" Link
So, I don't feel like I was lied to. I'm sorry if you do.

I'll tell you what I think happened honestly. I think someone didn't proofread a press release closely enough. I think that, like the various pre-orders for places like Best-Buy, the LE info was worded as Armor Name then Skin Name and the people reading it took it as two separate things instead of one single thing.
Like, you look at the pictures of the pre-order skins they say Armor: and a name, then Skin: and a name on separate lines. Seriously, I think that's what happened and they didn't correct it fast enough.
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