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Hey guys i read the whole thing(yes it was long) and all of you forgot one specific point... PRICE DROPS !

I rented ORC when it was release... i usually don't do that(renting) cause im slow at doing game, i play an hour a day, take my time, im more a versus guy, so what i do usually is buy the big multiplayer hit(GOW, COD etc) and wait for the other games til they are 10-15$ cause i don't feel a 8 hour campaign is worth putting 60$ on... only to try to sell it 2 months later and they will give you 15-20$ at best. But ORC it was a RE, i wanted to do it, but i knew the i would hate the MP(and i did) but wanted to do the campaign so i rent for a week, cost 10 bucks, and guess what, i had time to complete it(the story i mean, not the GS) and for me that was pretty much it with this game. Now im waiting for it to drop at a small price so i can add it to my RE collection... BUT i want to do the DLC right? More achievements, new story and all. But look at this... i will pay the DLC a full 800 x2(or 1200, not sure how the dlc cost) just for the DLC, wich will be around 30$ when i will have paid the full game 15$...

They push DLC these days because DLC pretty much never drop price, exeption of DOTW that last only a week, just a way to force you to buy when your not really ready, but you say to yourself... oh ill save some bucks so you buy. You end up like me having DLC i never did because i haven't even started the main game... So they sell DLC at a full price that never drop when the game itself drop.

I love achievements, but i feel those DLC add on with achievements are probably the worst scam lately with all these online pass and disc locked content and such...

Look at back then, major MP games had DLC but it was worth it, the game where popular, and it gave us stuff to enjoy again our game. GOW1 was a brillant exemple, they gave us 2 maps free so we had something fun and new while waiting for the DLC, then they released it 4 MAPS/800 pts wich is very fair. They even gave it for free once the game was old and washed up, i didn't have any problem with that cause it was old. And the game capped at 1250 GS

But do you see this these days? Hell no, they make DLC faster than lightning, even EPIC that i praised for GOW1 above released 1 locked on disc content, and all of there DLC in the first 6 months or the game release... I brough season pass cause i love GOW, but damn please can i get tired of playing the same maps before you release new ones? I mean all these 2 maps in just 6 months? Thats dumb. They should had wait til like now to release the second DLC... but no wait, righ the next game is already schedule for a release in march or april... hell not even a year and a half after the release of the previous one... TSSSSS

Or look at COD, biggest money scam, i counted that and if i wanted all achievements for the game, i would had to pay over 60$ worth of DLC... so the price of the full game, only to have maps that would be useless to be in a couple months because the one will be out and a couple of specs ops i would mainly do only because i want the achievements... I had 1000 in both COD4 and COD6, but this time i was like "screw it" , i don't play enough COD online to be worth spending 60$ on DLC... hell no game should have you pay 60$ for DLC that will be worth only a year of play... If a COD life spam would be 2 or 3 years then maybe... but its already enough we have to pay 60$ every year for 4 hour 20 mins campaign(i took my time...) and a multiplayer map pack with a slight update from the previous game...

Back then DLC meant something, these days even sideline game that are not meant to be big have DLC... just to make you keep them instead of selling and making you buy the full price DLC

And as for stores, im for the used game market, thats how stores make there money and thats how they manage to offer a wide variety, cause if stores would be just like toy r us or whatever place they sell only new game, we wouldn't had a choice like we have now of buying old games and such. Yeah they can be griddy when paying back a game to a consumer, but you have to sell it quick after the game is release, cause if its worth 25$ they wont give you much cause they need to make money out of them.

Personally thats why i hate online pass wich is trying to kill used game market and if the next gen is DDL only, there is a big possibility i will stop gaming also. I own a great collection of games, i still have all my old resident evil on shelves, and im glad i can plug my old dreamcast and play them if i want to... With the xbox, if you change xbox, you can not even play your OWN DLC unless your connected or you do a liscence transpher... SO if in 10 years my xbox break, i get a new one, i could maybe not be able to play again as liscence transpher may not be avalaible for older stuff anymore... So thats why i hate this. Its like music or movies, i never paid for a download, either i buy in store a boxed version, or i download it free from torrents.

And im not really a renter, i think in the last year i rented 2 games... but DDL would also kill the renting game industry, wich would suck. Think about it, would rent a game like SKYRIM? no unless you just want to try it because its too big, too long, so if a developer put effort to make a great game, people will buy it. But a small 8 hour campaign, anybody can do that in a week if they like gaming, so of course they will go for a rent.

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