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Well i will get it ,thats for sure, but what annoys me the most is, that i don`t know exactly how to get Christies Last Costume...

I played with Christie on Arcade Mode (Legend Difficulty) and i unlocked TINAS LAst costume

I was like: What the hell?

Then i thought: " It doesn`t matter which character you take, u just have to be in the Top 10 Ranking (just be pretty good lol ) ..."

So i played with my main Ryu Hayabusa on Time Attack and i didn`t lost any fight (even on Legend Difficulty ) but NOTHING happend!

I didn`t unlocked anything...i thought i would get Christies Outfit but nope...

I will go for Survival Legend this week (with Lisa/La Maripossa) and i will do Legend Mode (which will be like 100 rounds i guess like in Doa4) and hopefully i can unlock her outfit...

But yeah i hope somebody can unlock Christies outfit, because i don`t know what the hell to do.

The only thing i can do is: Trying to beat Time Attack with Christie without failing once... ( but i already played with Christie on Arcade Mode and unlocked TINAS last outfit...i am fucking confused...)
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