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Originally Posted by Nevando View Post
Without even knowing it, I've been using your videos to help me Jet Rank! Off that youtube. So I thank you for the helpfulness of your videos

All I have left to Jet Rank is Kogane's Jet Crush and Bantam's Jet Crush. Kogane's I feel is just tightening up my corners, but Bantam's I'm finding... tricky. And I feel like the secret to finally getting that Jet rank is to grind the handrail in the building that goes up. My problem is, everytime I land that rail, as soon as I get to the first turn around, instead of continuing to grind up the rail, it flips my character around and throws them off. It's really messed up. Is there a trick to this rail that I'm missing? It doesn't make sense
I recorded these using the DC version. In that version you can use the inside rail. For some reason that doesn't work in the port.

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