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this post has been interesting - i tried this @eurogamer and have wanted the game for ages.

I have never had lessons so all of what i know (quite little) is self taught but i did do music to GCSE standard so have relatively good understanding of some aspects etc.

Im left handed too - i wanna throuw that in there now as both u seem to be too!! Yay we can rebell - more on topic tho, i found that during the "go" i had at eurogamer, i felt it was going against stuff i had already learnt rather than accompany it for example. Kings of leon's use somebody i can play. but according to the game i was not doing it their way. Fustrating - as you can play the same some in a variety of ways (variations) to achieve the same effect/sound.

Most guitarists don't play things to an exact way - more of a whats more suitable/easier to do in a song etc which i believe is how they get their style. I didnt feel that this game encompasses that.

I do feel that it is however a good investment if you are serious about learning guitar and dont want expensive lessons. this game is overall VERY accurate!
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