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Thumbs down what pisses me off the most!

i have a love/hate thing with this mode. since it came out its been a real cashcow! you cant really get anywhere with starter deck teams. so you spend A TON OF MONEY! just to have a decent team! they need to change this to how soccer does it. this mode is rediculously hard. even non star players score like allstars. ea needs to do this mode like soccer does! you cant play a friend & earn pucks even. the cost of packs is ridiculously high. both in pucks & money ie pts. its a massive cashcow for ea.

lastyear i spent ALOT of money! that was to get just the prince albert pirates team! i hate to see how much it'd cost me to get my habs! i do love the idea of building my own team. but seriously. you need to keep playing the first tourney ALOT! you also need contracts too. its a real pain in the ass mode. take a look at how soccer does it. you can even play against friends in the tourneys. so if you lose its to a human player. also the tourney requirements suck! you need a team of 5 players from certain teams each. honestly let me build my team my way! i dont cheat either. so i work hard for my goals. ea needs to stop making must updates to download ie the tuners. that is seriously bs! making the game play even worse. the game should be done from the disc. but theres alot of proablems with this mode. my friends gave up on it. even my brother wont play it anymore. they should make these modes easier for us to play. also the degree of difficulty should accurately match the star rating. a 2 star game should be easy. while all stars should be next to impossible. i was a hockey god on these games. that was until ea made them impossible to win fair. the cart games are the best. you lose some & win some. ai was balanced. but the ai isnt balanced at all. the game favours the ai teams over human control ones! like bettman favours american teams over canadian ones. i hope they make this mode like soccer has it.
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