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Favorite Character?

Im curious, what is your favorite DOA char?

Personally mine is Ayane, but not because of ONLY her fighting style, but as an overalll. I like her story a lot, she is the bastard child of Raidou(first DOA boss) and Kasumi's mother, wich made her an outcast from the start. Then it could be understandbable why she hated Kasumi so much. She was a bastard from birth, even tough it was not her fault.... She is kind of a tragedy child in the story....

If you would ask me gameplay wise only... i love Ein(DOA4), Tina and Ayane... but i could never decide wich one was my best, but in term of story AND gameplay, i would say Ayane.... she connect to me(me being also a bastard child of some sorts LOL) and that cinematic in DOA 2 ultimate also was amazing to me, she step in front of Hayate to protect him even tough she know she has no chance...

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