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Originally Posted by Viper187 View Post
I despise the challenges. I really do. Obviously, firefight won't be in H4, but the challenges really ruin it in Reach. If there's a map specific kill challenge, it's all anyone wants to vote all day long and they quit when they don't get it. If there's a pistol kill challenge, you probably won't see many bonus rounds cause the idiots will spend all day trying to kill everything, even the goddamn Hunters, with a magnum. You see the same thing with grenade challenges in matchmaking; people vote Elite Slayer all fuckin day. I want people coming into a playlist because they want to play that list, NOT just for their goddamn challenges.
hehe I do see your points, but for long time players the challenges made things slightly more interesting and made you change gametypes. And in fairness they rarely involved specific maps, most are simply just multikill/spree awards.

P.S. on the subject of the LE, it got unlisted at UK amazon for a short while but they restocked it, so possible it'll be back in stock at gamestop at some period. I did noticed the black outer packaging are numbered, the promo picture is 634343 so guess your looking at over half a million LE editions unless the code is some reference to 343i which is possible.
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