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Originally Posted by El Stupido View Post
Hey, i got 125 explosive kills (so says my stats), but achievement didn't popped up. Any tips?
Also how to get "Get off the ground achievement? I did exact things as in tutorial video, but no success.
And if i play through campaign in co-op, will i get Sniper Elite chievo?

For the get off the ground one, you have to kill everyone in the convoy on the ground(except for kreidl), do not plant landmines, trip wires, etc or it will not count.

For the explosive kills, they only count for grenades, land mines, and trip wires. I have 184 explosive kills but only 94 grenade, 20 land mine, and 13 trip wire kills and it unlocked for me.

And for the Sniper Elite difficulty cheevo, you CANNOT get it in co-op, ONLY single player. (yes, it sucks)
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