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Originally Posted by DEEKAYE View Post
Why bitch about a good game just because you have a bad experience with the game doesnt mean we all do i love the fact that its jap only voices it makes it more realistic and seems more from their age and yea its a grind thats what all koei warriors game is about
Did you really just use the word "realistic" within the context of a DW game? Nevermind the fact that it's an Orochi installment, meaning it's even more crazy than ever; filled with monsters, demons and magical cannons.

And, as previously stated, the DW characters are Chinese, not Japanese, so the language makes no sense (not to mention the fact they're using modern Japanese, so even for the SW characters the language will be anachronistic.).

The lack of English voice overs make the game very difficult to follow, and in some cases enjoy. One major reason to play Orochi is that it's an original story line that you haven't seen before (unlike DW and SW which rehash the same story over and over) but it's difficult to follow during battles. It's not a problem in cutscenes or the monologues, you have time to read. But during battle you're trying to mash a load of people and having to read at the same time? It's very difficult, even for me and I have to read subtitles every single day (I live in China).

As someone else said, too, the Japanese names aren't even pronounced the same as the original Chinese names (I think they call Wang Yuanji something like Genki. Confused the buggery out of me!). And whilst the English voice acting was often hammy and over the top, I honestly think the Japanese voice acting is just as ridiculous - you just can't tell because it's foreign to you. I enjoyed most of the voice acting in DW7, and always enjoyed how silly the voices could be, but in 7 the actors really made an effort with the names, which is commendable (I know first hand how difficult it can be to pronounce their names.). I will point out that I think they still pronounce Cao wrong. My Chinese friends laugh when I say it with an 's', they say it more like Tao.

I don't think anything will be done to improve the XBox version of the game now, but I did hear that a Western release of Orochi 3 will be on the Wii U and I expect they may consider a translation for that.
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