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Looking to Achievement Boost

I'm looking to boost the following achievements: My Fellow Gears; We Few, We Happy Few...; The Host with the Most; Places to See, People to Destroy; Kill Locust (Like a Boss); I'm Rubber, You're Glue; Foreshadowing; Zeta Team, Go!; Now They Begin to Understand; Defending the Past; Come to Poppa!; Locust, Forever!; I've Done it All!; Natural Selection; Horde Natural; Unstoppable Force; and Force Multiplier.

My gamertag is xxxsniper0xxx [that is a zero after "sniper"]. My name is Travis. I'm on Pacific Coast time, and I'm online frequently. Send my tag a message/friend request if you're interested. Please have a mic, or coordinating will be impossible.

I've also already unlocked the Super Reload and Instagib mutators, and nearly have the Infinite Ammo.

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