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I really don't think it's the best anymore. I had a fantastic time with it but it has a lot of flaws.

-There are very few unique feeling locations. Most are just copy and paste warehouses, subway systems etc. It's unfair that NV gets so much flak for the supposed lack of exploration but the 4 DLC's more than made up for this whilst the main game felt more like a proper wasteland where most locations are abandoned and stripped of most valuable loot rather than being merely dungeons full of loot and every location isn't overflowing with enemies. The Capital Wastes feel like a theme park of dungeons whilst the Mojave feels like a proper wasteland.

-The writing is pretty bad. The main quest is a blatant mash up of the plots of 1 and 2, complete with factions with no reason to be on the east coast and you are forced to help the BoS. There are many inconsistencies with the lore and an abundance of plot holes and the story ends when a big robot magically gets fixed up and kills the Enclave. The writing often feels melodramatic and wooden and at it's worst can be insultingly simple e.g "[intelligence] Ah, so you fight the good fight with your voice" (the player speaking to Three Dog).

-The RPG mechanics are very watered down (SPECIAL is very inconsequential, it doesn't define your character like in the other fallout games, it just makes you a little bit better at some things than others) and take a back seat to the the shooting most of the time except when it comes to the perks and leveling system where the copious skill points and perk-a-level mean you end up as an unbalanced demigod with most stats at 100 when you hit the level cap. To make matters worse, many perks are rather poor "x skill points to skill y" perks which are rather pointless which means there is a rather small list of decent perks to take. The end result of all this is that when my character and your character hit the lvl cap, how unique will they both be? Not very.

These are my main problems with the game now. I still loved playing the game but I think it's nowadays held in unreasonably high regard at times and the old rose-tinted glasses hide the games flaws.
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