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Fable 3 was missing some major elements; however, I enjoyed it. Fable has always come up short due to Molyneux personality and grand statements that leave the gamer they are going to get more "choices" than what is given. Regardless, none of them are horrible.

Fable: The Journey is Fable in name but not a part of the Fable series. My expectations are different especially being a game for kinect. Take it for what it is, a kinect game which can be fun. But to each his own. I look forward to something different and I am always hopeful with EVERY game released it will be a gem. I am of the mindset that it is better to hold reservations until you actually 'play' the game than make up your mind on a screenshot or the fact it is a kinect title or not. I noticed posts are almost 2 years ago, seems like it was pretty early to make up your mind.
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