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Midway... are they not releasing a big arcade compilation in a couple of weeks? I mean its not because the compagny is dead than nobody can own the liscence... If they would, they could.... But the thing is, does the demand is good enough for them to supply... After all if they release Doom 64 again(it could be rename Doom ID need to pay back whoever own the other part of the liscence this day, and so it may not be worth it.

My problem with Doom 64 is that i can't play 1 joystick controller anymore... at least for shooters. Im a consol guy, im totally shit with the PC keyboard/mouse setting, i can't even pass Sarge in quake 3 on 2 stars(and i complete it no prob on 4 stars on 360) Honestly i could never understand how people can play good with a keyboard and a mouse, for me it dosen't work but i guess if you play only that you end up being good.

Anyway so bottom line, even if i can port Doom 64 on the PC by emulator(i have one i can make work pretty fairly) i still can't put a 2 joystick control... so its annoying to play with only 1. Its like my memory just removed all together the 1 joystick schema... I can't replay the original golden eye these days... even single player i got pwn... Thats why i welcome those 360 ports...

Not to mention gamerscore also help and make it just look better too. I know its psychologic stuff... since it gives nothing, but i just love to see all games i played in my list and my score next to them.. and im not even a completionist.

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