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Achievement Guide

Hello World 20
Clear stage 1 on either side in story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed. This achievement will unlock upon clearing the 1st stage of either the Hero or Dark Story mode.
  • Hero Side: City Escape as Sonic
  • Dark Side: Iron Gate as Eggman

City Escape corresponds to Sonic's escape and run through the city to escape the G.U.N. military forces pursuing him. Iron Gate, represents Eggman's attempt to infiltrate the GUN's military base.

Upon clearing either of these stages for the first time, this achievement will unlock.

Chao! 20
Name your Chao for the first time.

This achievement will unlock upon naming one of your pet Chao at the Fortune-Telling house located at the Chao Kindergarden in Chao World. To access Chao World you must find a Chao Key hidden throughout each stage and then go on to complete the stage to goal. They will be inside a Chao Container scattered throughout each stage. There are 3 boxes in all and each time you break them and collect the item there's something new in them.
  • 1st Container: Chao Key necessary to visit the Chao Garden after the end of the stage.
  • 2nd Container: One copy of all non-rare small animals found throughout the stage to take to the Garden.
  • 3rd Container: One copy of the stage's designated rare small animal (Legendary category).

After clearing a stage with a Chao Key you will be warped to the Chao Lobby. The lobby is the main room of Chao World. In the center is a warp panel that can take you back to the real world. In front of you is the Chao Garden. Opposite of the Chao Garden is Chao Kindergarten. Upon accessing Chao World you will then be able to go there from Stage Select mode with any character you cleared a stage with while holding a Chao key.

Now hatch a Chao in the garden from its egg. Next, pick it up and leave the Chao Garden from where you came. Take it with you to the Chao Kindergarten which is straight across from the Chao Garden entrance and meet with the fortune teller there to name your Chao. The fortune teller can be found through the purple door on your right as you enter. You can either have it named through fortune, or decline twice and name it yourself for the achievement.

Note: Be informed that in the story mode, when you exit out of the Chao garden, the story will begin. Once the story begins, you cannot take your Chao to the Chao Kindergarten. If you want to go anywhere in the Chao world without any restrictions, use the Stage Select screen to go to the Chao world.

Chao Raiser 20
Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10.

For this achievement you must raise every stat from one of your pet Chao to level 10 in Chao World. Chao have seven different stats, which can be increased mainly by giving them animals or Chaos Drives you pick up throughout stages. Stats are the most important things for you to focus on if you want your Chao to compete in races and karate tournaments.
  • Swim: Determines how well your Chao swims
  • Fly: Determines how well your Chao can fly
  • Run: Determines how fast your Chao can run
  • Power: Determines how strong your Chao is
  • Stamina: Determines the physical constitution of your Chao

Raising Chao
Just like the previous Sonic Adventure, any animal or drive you collect in stages will spew out of you upon entering a Chao Garden. To raise each statistic to Level 10 simply feed your Chao as many animals, drives, and fruit as possible. The Black Market also makes a return in the game which can be accessed at the locker to the left (from when you come in) of the Kindergarten entrance. There are rare items that can be purchased there such as the Mushroom that increases Stamina along with other stats. Certain animals increase specific stats as well so if you need certain ones see the Chao Island Animal Location page. Stamina, however, can only be increased by feeding your Chao fruit from the Black Market or Hero Garden. If you still have trouble raising stats see the Chao Island Stat page. The infinite animal usage glitch still works in this game so feel free to quickly take away animals once you feed them to Chao to get extra uses from them. If you have trouble doing the glitch, click the spoiler below for help.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Chao raising will be very important in this game since you will need to raise your Chao strong enough to clear all Races and Karate tournaments for other achievements. You may have to raise its Swim, Run, and Power stats to Level 99 in order to clear all 62 races. Please see the Chao Island Races page for details on Chao Races. You may want to raise this Chao into a Hero or Dark one to help work towards Heaven and Hell.

Heaven or Hell 40
Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectively.

In order for this to unlock you must raise a Hero Chao and a Dark Chao in Chao World. This achievement is pretty ideal since you will need a Hero and Dark Chao in order to compete in certain Chao Races for emblems. Once you have raised a Hero or Dark Chao a new garden will appear in the Chao Lobby. There are various actions that dictate what type of Chao you will receive based on how you interact with it.

Hero Chao
To get a Hero Chao simply take a child Chao and treat it nicely with a Hero character(Sonic, Tails, Knuckles). Spend time with it, feed it, and pet it with any of those characters, and it will gradually change into a Hero Chao. You can also pet it with a Hero character a bunch of times until it turns pure white. From there, feed it many items such as animals, drives, and food until it evolves from a cocoon. Once you have a Hero Chao a staircase that leads up to the Hero Garden will appear to the left of the main Lobby.

Dark Chao
To raise a Dark Chao simply take a child Chao and treat it nicely with a Dark character(Shadow, Eggman,Rouge). Spend time with it, feed it, and pet it with any of those characters, and it will gradually change into a Dark Chao. You can also pet it with a Dark character a bunch of times until it turns pure black. From there, feed it many items such as animals, drives, and food until it evolves from a cocoon. Once you have a Dark Chao a staircase that leads up to the Dark Garden will appear to the right of the main Lobby.
After spending 3 hours in the garden your Chao will evolve. You will know your Chao is evolving when they form a white cocoon around them. Stat levels and the amount of animals you feed them have no affect on this. It's purely based on time spent in the garden with the Chao. You can stay idle in the garden to help with this until they evolve.

For an a guide on how to raise different types of Chao see the Chao Island Alignment page.

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