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First time playing ... My Thoughts ...

Wow ...

I haven't even finished this game yet and it is amazing.

The first hour or two of the game was the hardest for me in terms of 'staying interested'. I'm not really used to 'slow-paced' games these days, mostly due to the influx of 'action-horror' titles like Resident Evil 5 & 6, and even Dead Space to an extent. So it took me a bit of adjusting to just relax, and stop worrying how many 'machine gun rounds' I had.

But because I am a big survival horror junkie, I decided to give this game a go after owning it for some time.

I just completed the prison area and am still making my way through. This game is the epiphany of survival horror. I can't believe I didn't play this back in the day. What was I thinking? ...

The game's use of dark ambience, horror tones and music (by Akira Yamoka) combined with horrifying environments and a sense of total isolation is truly chilling. At some points I felt sick playing ... and at some points I would stare at a door for 5 minutes instead of opening it because I didn't want to 'see what was on the other side', completley terrified.

It's amazing how simplistic the game is compared to newer games nowdays and yet, it manages to make me 'feel' more. It's a shame games like this don't really exist anymore. This game has made it into my 'top 10' games of all time.

The Survival Horror genre has really declined as of late. The recent release of Resident Evil 6 shows how it is evolving ... action THEN 'some horror'. I have accepted that this is the way the genre is heading, but hope at some point another game with the same tone, feel and sense of dread like Silent Hill 2 is made.

A masterpiece.

P.S. If you enjoyed this, check out the 'Under-The-Radar' gem called "Deadly Premonition" released in 2010.
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