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Emblem Collector 40
Unlock 90 emblems.

For this achievement you must collect 90 of the possible 180 emblems in all of Sonic Adventure 2. Like Sonic Adventure 1, Emblems are medals earned for completing various tasks that include:
  • 155 Emblems from getting A-Ranks for all missions
  • 10 Emblems from the Chao Races
  • 6 Emblems for obtaining all of each character's A-Ranks
  • 3 Emblems from each all Endings
  • 3 Emblems from Boss Attack Mode.
  • 3 Emblems from the Kart Race Mode
Most of your emblems for this achievement will come from the 155 missions you can A-Rank. At any rate you'll only need to obtain 90 of those 180 emblems to unlock this. This will more than likely unlock as you work towards the You Are A Legend achievement so see that solution for more details in obtaining emblems.

To see your Emblem progress, go to the main menu and select Help & Options > Extra > Emblem Results.

You Are The Legend 100
Win A RANK in all stages in Story Mode.

This achievement will be the most challenging of them all. You must obtain A-Ranks in all 5 missions for every stage in the game with all characters. There are 31 stages in the game making it a total of 155 missions. This can be a very difficult achievement for some people as some of the stage missions require you to achieve stage completions within strict time limits as well as high scores. After completing a stage in any Story Mode the option to play through it at your leisure becomes available through the Stage Select menu. To access Stage Select, simply go to 1P Play > Stage Select from the main menu. Displayed in a map(pictured below) of the game's areas, all 31 stages (including the two racing levels and the Chao Garden) can be toggled through and chosen. When one of the stages is selected, a secondary menu appears. While the 1st main mission of each stage from story mode can be replayed, four additional missions will also be selectable as you complete them. In addition to the 1st mission, you will need to clear these four extra missions with an A-Rank for this achievement. Listed below are all 5 Mission objectives for each stage:
1st: Clear the objective
2nd: Collect 100 Rings!
3rd: Find the lost Chao!
4th: Reach the goal within _ minutes _ seconds!
Last: Clear Hard mode!
NOTE: For Tails' and Rouge's Kart Stages, the Chao and Time Limit missions are replaced with going through the course and not touching either the walls or the other cars.

Letter Grade System
The Stage Select menu also keeps track of the lettered grade that is awarded at the end of each run, ranging from a perfect A to a less-than-desirable E. As each level and mission has its own requirements to reach an A only practice and determination can award the most dedicated at finishing each and every stage with perfection. It should be noted that, within each stage, a Gold Beetle is hidden somewhere within, and only appears for a few seconds. If broken, an extra 1000 points is added to the total, which can come in handy in trying to reach the A rankings. Before embarking on this achievement, make sure you acquire all of the Mystic melody upgrades for each character. For a location of all of them, see the Upgrade Location thread.

Unlockable Bonus!
Once you clear all 5 missions for each of a characters stages you will unlock a new Kart for them in Kart Mode. To select it, highlight your character and press up on the d-pad to toggle it on.

For a complete walkthrough for every A-Rank mission in the game, see the clickable A-Rank Guide / Discussion Thread.

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