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Sonic Adventure™ 2: Battle Mode DLC

  • Cost: 240mcp
  • Offline: 3 (100)
  • Online: 0 (0)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100: 10+ Hours (Varies)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6 (2P Battle stages), 4 (Karate Tournaments) 62 (Chao Races)
  • Glitchy achievements: None (Although Emblem Mania may take a while to pop)
  • Extra equipment needed?: Second Controller (For Multiplayer)

Welcome to the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mode DLC. This DLC contains 3 achievements for 100 (bringing the full game to 500) and is essentially the Gamecube add-on to Sonic Adventure 2. Upon downloading this downloadable content you will receive the Battle update which grants access to expanded multiplayer and Chao Karate. The main menu will also receive a Battle update with a new interface. Six popular characters from the previous Sonic series, including Amy, Metal Sonic, and Chaos 0 will be added as playable characters for 2-player battle mode as well as the familiar six Hero and Dark characters.

The 3 achievements for the Battle DLC are very straightforward, one of which is pretty much a continuation from the Emblem Collector achievement. First, you will have to play all Level 4 multiplayer stages under Action Race, Treasure Hunter, and Shooting Battle. Next you will have to raise your Chao strong enough to defeat all Chao Karate opponents. Last, you will need to obtain the remainder of the 180 emblems in the game. If you've already finished the original 400 then you should already have 171 or so emblems. So completion of this DLC shouldn't take too long as long as you have a well leveled up Chao.

2P Battle Mode
New battle stages have been added for 2-player battle mode with the Battle DLC. Each stage contains battles levels 1 to 4, and you can select the level that they want depending on your skills. Level 1 battle is easy enough for beginners whereas Level 3 will require more skill. Level 4 battle contains more difficult stages that can be unlocked by completing the Hero and Dark stories. Start up multiplayer under 2P Battle from the main menu with a second controller and simply play each of the Level 4 stages pertaining to Action Races, Treasure Hunting, and Shooting Battle. Finish all of these multiplayer games and this will unlock the Level 4! achievement. Below is the sole achievement that can be earned in this mode:
  • Level 4!

Chao Karate
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle now offers another way for Chao to compete against each other, called Karate. Like races, you can access karate from the Chao Stadium. As you can probably tell from the name, karate involves two Chao going head to head in battle. Your Chao needs to be strong to clear all of the tournaments. There are 4 tournaments in all: Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Super. Each tournament has 5 rounds of enemy Chao. You will unlock the Super Tournament upon beating the first three. Clear the Super Tournament to unlock Karate Master. The only achievement that can be earned in this mode is:
  • Karate Master

180 Emblems
As mentioned previously in the main guide, emblems are earned by performing a variety of tasks. If you have been following this guide in order, you should already have around 171 emblems by this step. Now it is up to you to finish the emblems that you have left over which should be the Chao Races and Karate. You are going to need to utilize the new features from the Battle DLC to raise your Chao well enough to clear all 62 races and the 4 tournaments for the last emblems to reach 180. Below is what you'll unlock upon gathering all 180 emblems and thus your completion of the game:
  • Emblem Mania

The Battle DLC is definitely a nice touch to what was already an amazing Sonic game to begin with. It brings expanded multiplayer and a fun versus Chao mode that is, Chao Karate. The DLC achievements themselves aren't too difficult but the Chao Karate tournaments can be difficult if you don't raise your Chao's strength and speed to around Level 99. You will also have to finish up the remaining emblems by clearing all 62 Chao races in 1st place making the DLC a pretty time-consuming process. Bypass these trials, and the full 500 is yours. Be proud on fully completing possibly the toughest Sonic arcade game to date.

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