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Battle DLC Achievements

Level 4! 10
Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle.

For this achievement you must play all of the Level 4 stages under each multiplayer type in 2P Battle mode. This achievement will require 2-controllers. When playing 2P Battle, you are given a choice to compete in different stages based on difficulty Levels 1 through 4. There are 4 Levels in all but you only start out with 3 Levels. The Level 4 multiplayer stages must be unlocked. Click the spoiler below for a list of all unlockable Level 4 Stages.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

To unlock all of these Level 4 stages, simply complete the Hero and Dark stories. Clearing the Hero story will unlock all Level 4 stages for the Hero characters, and clearing the Dark Story will unlock all Level 4 stages for the Dark characters. Each type of stage is played split-screen except for the shooting stages. The conditions for winning in each type are as follows:
  • Action Race: The player who reaches the Goal Ring first wins.
  • Treasure Hunt: The first player to find two pieces of the Master Emerald wins.
  • Shooting: The first player to reduce their opponent's health gauge to zero wins.

Upon gaining access to the stages under Level 4 plug in a 2nd controller and from the main menu select 2P Battle. To select the Level 4 stages highlight Level 3 and hit down, they are hidden right below. Now simply play both Level 4 stages under Action Race, Treasure Hunt, and Shooting Battle to unlock this achievement, there are six in all. You must play these 2P battles from start to finish in order for them to count.

Karate Master 30
Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode.

In Chao Karate, you must raise your Chao strong enough to clear all 4 Karate Tournaments in the game. Chao Karate can be found through the water fall in the Chao Garden. Once there Omochao will give you a choice to play either Karate or Chao Race, choose Karate. In Chao Karate, each Tournament consists of 5 rounds against 5 different enemy Chao. As you can probably tell from the name, karate involves two Chao going head to head in battle. Your Chao needs to be strong to win all tournaments. This is how Chao Karate works, each battle has a 90 second time limit, and is fought in a ring. There are three ways to win:
  • Deplete the opponent's health bar.
  • Knock the opponent out of the ring.
  • Have more health than your opponent when the time runs out.
  • If you happen to run out of time and have the exact same health as your opponent, then the game will be a tie!

The Tournament is the main mode of Chao Karate. At first, there are three difficulty levels available: Beginner, Standard, and Expert. You can enter your Chao in any of those levels, but it is recommended that you start with Beginner. Each difficulty has five opponents, and you must beat each opponent in order before you can complete that difficulty level. Once you clear a difficulty, you will earn an emblem. If you manage to clear all three difficulty levels, you will unlock the Super difficulty, which must be cleared to unlock this achievement. Below is a breakdown of all 5 Super Tournament opponents:
  • Round 1: Crunchy
  • Round 2: Wacky
  • Round 3: Crystal
  • Round 4: Angel
  • Round 5: Flash

During Karate matches you have a Zeal meter at the bottom. Press quickly to cheer your Chao on during the fight. Your Chao's Power and Speed needs to be around Level 99 in order to dodge then punch and kick the enemy Chao out of the ring. Give it plenty of Chao Drives and Animals until it's stats are appropriate to compete. If anything you may need to try to max out Power, Speed, and Swim to Level 99 to help clear all 62 of the Chao Races too. See Chao Raiser for more info on improving Chaos stats. For more information on Chao Karate see the Chao Island Chao Karate page.

Emblem Mania 60
Unlock all 180 emblems.

For this achievement you must collect all 180 emblems in all of Sonic Adventure 2. As mentioned in the original guide, emblems are obtained by completing various tasks however with the Battle DLC downloaded these tasks have been altered and updated:
  • 155 Emblems from A-Ranking every mission
  • 6 Emblems from A-Ranking all of each character's missions
  • 3 Emblems from all Endings
  • 3 Emblems from the Kart Race Mode
  • 3 Emblems from Boss Attack Mode
  • 5 Emblems from the Chao Races
  • 4 Emblems from Chao Karate
  • 1 Emblem from getting all A-Ranks on the Cannon's Core stage

You should already have 171 or so emblems from unlocking You Are A Legend. Your new priority will be clearing all the Chao Races and Karate Tournaments to mop up the last several emblems. Please see Karate Master for more information with obtaining those emblems. Click the spoiler below for an overview of Chao Race mode.

Chao Races
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Once your emblem count reaches 180, return to the Stage Select map and your final achievement will unlock. To see your Emblem progress, go to the main menu and select Help & Options > Extra > Emblem Results.

Unlockable Bonus!
Upon returning to Stage Select with all 180 emblems, you will unlock a full blown 3-D version of the classic Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic game. It is the question mark icon next to Sonic's Green Forest stage.

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