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Upgrade Locations

Sonic Adventure 2 Character Upgrade Locations

Sonic Adventure 2 contains special upgrades that are available to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Rouge. While most are unique to each character, all characters can receive the Mystic Melody which are useful for completing most of the characters' "Find the chao" mission. There are a total of 28 upgrades that can be obtained through out the game. Initially you won't be able to retrieve some upgrades when you first play some stages and you may have to backtrack to get some of these upgrades, as some have requirements in order to acquire. This can be done by using Stage Select to go back and pick up any missing upgrades. If you still have trouble finding them, a video walkthrough can be found in each spoiler under their name.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic receives the most upgrades with a total of six. They are listed below.

Light Shoes
  • Purpose: Allows Sonic to use Light Dash, enabling him to race across a trail of rings.
  • Requirements: None.
  • Location: Metal Harbor. After the first Point Marker, find the area near the beginning in which you must do the homing attack on the robots floating in the air. Once you land on the platform past them, you should notice there is nowhere to go, and all that is there, is a ring trail. You should notice a tower with a pulley in it. Jump on this pulley to go up the tower. Once up there, you should find the Light Shoes. Use these to get across the ring trails!
  • Required For: Strictly speaking, nothing in the story requires this--you can manage everything except the final mission of Crazy Gadget without it (though you won't be able to get an A rank for Metal Harbor's second mission). However, the player is certainly meant to rely on this upgrade at points in both Metal Harbor and Crazy Gadget.
    Equivalent: Shadow's Air Shoes

Magic Gloves
  • Purpose: Allows Sonic to use Magic Hands, enabling him to turn any enemy into a ball which he can then throw at another enemy. This move must be selected by pressing the button followed by the button.
  • Requirements: In order to get this with any semblance of consistency you'll want the Flame Ring and Bounce Bracelet already collected.
  • Location: City Escape. After the loop and wall run in City Escape, you should end up in an area with a staircase, and two poles that you swing on (one in hard). If you look on the ground, you will notice 4 metal containers. Simply do the bounce attack on these containers to bust them open. The Magic Gloves will be inside.
  • Required For: Nothing. It's purely a novelty item to make Sonic's life easier when dealing with enemies.
  • Equivalent: None

Ancient Light
  • Purpose: Allows Sonic to use Light Attack, enabling him to charge up and destroy many enemies in a row.
  • Requirements: None
  • Location: Green Forest. After you come off the second loop (half loop), you should hit springs and bounce onto the platform. When you land, run to the right, and you should find a 10 Ring capsule. If you get close enough to the edge here, you should see one of the flying enemies. Simply do a homing attack on him, the item capsule behind him, and the item capsule behind that. This should land you on another platform where you will see the Ancient Light.
  • Required For: Nothing. It's purely a novelty item to make Sonic's life easier when dealing with enemies or overhead item boxes.
  • Equivalent: Shadow gets an identical copy of this upgrade.

Bounce Bracelet
  • Purpose:Allows Sonic to use Bounce Attack. It comes in useful both as an attack and getting to high places.
  • Requirements: None
  • Location:Pyramid Cave. Allows you to bounce after jumping so you can reach higher platforms.
    This one is very simple to get. Simply stay on the correct path through out the stage. If you do so, you should run right into it.
  • Required For: The final missions of Green Forest and Crazy Gadget. Everything that nominally asks for a bounce in story mode can be circumvented, but there are places in Pyramid Cave and Final Rush where it's far more convenient to have it.
  • Equivalent: None

Flame Ring
  • Purpose: Allows Sonic to break steel containers with a Somersault or Bounce Attack.
  • Requirements: None
  • Location: Crazy Gadget. After the second hyper-warp tube, you should end up on the ceiling of a room. Simply run to the other end (beware of the blue enemies awaiting you), and press the switch to drop to the ground. You should notice 3 metal containers in your way. Turn around and run to the back wall, then go right. There should be a spring waiting for you. Bounce up onto the above platform. There should be a set of metal containers in a "U" shape. The Flame Ring will be in the center. Use it to bust the metal containers.
  • Required For: Completing Crazy Gadget, which makes it the only one of Sonic's upgrades to be truly intractable during story mode.
  • Equivalent: Shadow gets an identical copy of this upgrade.

Mystic Melody
  • Purpose: Allows you to open up new paths or shortcuts when played at the ancient shrines.
  • Requirements: None, except that the Flame Ring is incidentally needed to get to this point in the story.
  • Location: Final Rush. This upgrade is kind of challenging. Mainly due to the difficulty of explaining where it is. When you read the area with a lot of grinds, stay straight and keep going until you reach an area where you take the speed boosts up a grind, then hit a spring. You should land on a platform with two grinds. A purple/yellow grind, and a orange/yellow grind. Take the orange/yellow grind. Make sure you crouch while going down it. You should go down it, then fly off at one point, and land on a platform with a rocket on it. This rocket takes you to a 1-Up. From there, jump to the platform below that. You should see a spring, and a animal on it. Go up the spring. Follow the platform, grind up the railing. Then land on another platform. You should see a ancient shrine, and past that the Mystic Melody.
  • Required For: Nothing. All of Sonic's lost Chao missions can be managed without this; the most challenging to go without is probably City Escape.
  • Equivalent: Every character gets an identical copy of this upgrade.

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