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Originally Posted by Coruba View Post
I was satisfied with the ending to the series but was confused by the reversed paragon/renegade options making me enjoy the indoctrination theory as well. The leaked ending also had some merit and I would have been happy with that also. What I'm not happy with is that my favourite game series is also loved by some of the most ungrateful whingy cry babies concievable. I enjoyed every minute of the series and loved the story Bioware crafted for me. I am just ashamed to be lumped with all these complaining sheep that can't accept a games conclusion gracefully.
It is not loved by ungrateful whiny cry babies. That's why the the ending recieved such negative reviews. You don't trash talk n degrade something u "supposedly love" like that. I agree with though, this was an amazing trilogy. Im sad that its over but excited to see what bioware has in store for the ME universe.
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