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Originally Posted by ZingZitang View Post
This is why I very much dislike Multiplayer Achievements. People play for the Achievement, and not just to play the game. This ruins the Experience for everyone.

I'm glad there are fewer Multiplayer achievements in Halo 4 then there have been in the past Halo games.
Actually if I remember correctly Halo Reach only had 5 multiplayer achievements (not including Firefight since I think all of those could be done offline.) The issue is the Map packs always include multiplayer-only achievements and that's usually when the problems start because it becomes an issue just getting those specific maps or gametypes to show up (Oh my god the nightmares just trying to get an Infection gametype on an Anniversary map...) If they really feel it's necessary to make achievements for multiplayer, make them attainable offline. This way us achievement whores can get them with ease and be done with them instead of being stuck online ruining everybody else's fun. Reach's second map pack was good because there was a glitch that let you get them in custom games. Easiest set in the bunch.

Personally, with an open game like the Halo series, they should be focusing more on Single Player achievements and having fun with them. Just look at Anniversary. They played on the things that Halo: CE was famous for and it was one of the most enjoyable achievement hunts I've ever done (Hell, it prompted me to write a guide for it and I'm lazy. lol.) Focus more on the Easter Eggs like the RvB reference achievement and I think the whole achievement concept could be a lot more enjoyable.
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