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Thoughts on the beta

So have been playing it for about 2 hours now. Anyway the screen freezes at random moments while in the menu's, the loading screen has froze on me as well. I noticed sometimes when browsing the settings and what not from pausing in the middle of the game the screen goes totally black and doesn't switch back at all so i have to quit the game. Also the graphics are horendous. I'm guessing the graphics are an early build of the engine though so i'm not complaining much. The guns seem pretty balanced but you die super fast like mw3 fast. The killstreaks or whatever they are called are not needed as well, they're some what pointless. Also in some matches my guns would dissapear or get cut in half and i couldn't even aim because the gun was gone and all you saw was hands. Also my first match the game kept asking me if i wanted to quit the match over and over and over. And also when i signed out and signed in as a different profile all my stats transferred over and fucked up my class selection and everything, it was really weird.
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