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Achievement Guide + Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6 (not final)
-Offline: 27
-Online: 21 (Ultimate team requires you to be connected to Xbox Live so I am treating the Ultimate Team achievements as Online ones.
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 hours depending on luck and skill.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 but more is recommended
-Missable achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy/ed achievements: "Division King", "On the Rise" and "Filling Cabinets" are apparently glitchy.
-Unobtainable achievements: None
- Any extra equipment needed: Extra Controller


Welcome to FIFA 13, the latest instalment of the popular FIFA franchise.
The normal game modes such as career, Ultimate team and BE A PRO remain with some new additions. You can now play full seasons in Ultimate Team which is a first, like the tournaments they are available for online and single player.

EAS FC Match Day has also been introduced. In this new game mode you can play live fixtures, Games of the Week and standard kick off. Live fixtures enables you to play the next 4 fixtures for every club on the game. Games of the week includes 5 big upcoming matches from around the world. Seasons again returns with more cups available this time round.

Career mode has also received some massive changes. Unlike previous titles only player and manager careers are available, there is no player manager. So you can either choose the path of managing your own team or the path of developing your pro into the best player in the world. You can now also manage and play for your national team but you have to earn your way in.

EA have also introduced a new game mode called skill games. In this game mode there are 8 challenges with various difficulties. Each challenge is based around different parts of the game from penalties to dribbling. Upon starting a challenge you'll start off with a bronze challenge. You have to follow the instructions and beat the target score.

Another new feature is the Catalogue. In here you can spend your Football Club Credits on numerous items. These includes new celebrations, accessories, historic kits and more.

I think that's enough for now, onto the achievements.

Fifa 13 has some of the easiest achievements on a Fifa title to date.The average player can easily get 700 Gamerscore. As we are accustomed to there are a few achievements that are supposedly glitchy although they are obtainable. The achievements in question are "Division King", "On the Rise" and "Filling Cabinets". You'll be happy to know that the 50 hour achievement is not in this title so it can potentially take a lot less time to reach the full 1000. The achievements will be listed in the respective categorys.


These achievements can be unlocked in Career Mode

So Euro
For Country
Way with Words
National Pride
Wheeling and Dealing
Nice Form
Digi Me
Packing Bags
Master Negotiator

Ultimate Team

These achievements can be gained in Ultimate Team(Requires Xbox Live)

Building My Club
Challenge Accepted
Press Conference
Road to Promotion
In Form!(Secret)
Pack King
I Love This Club


These achievements can be gained Online.

Good Start
Well on Your Way
One of the Bros
On the Rise
Hello World
Filling Cabinets
Division King
Still Friends?

Skill Games

These achievements can be gained in Skill Games.

Road to Mastery
Skill Legend


These achievements can be gained in any game mode.

Trolling for Goals
No Goal for You!
Creeping on the Down Low
Body Control
Get In!
Brains and Brawn
Get Physical
EASFC Youth Academy
EASFC Starting 11
Big Spender
Maxed Out

EAS FC Match Day

These achievements can only be gained in the EAS FC Match Day mode.

1 Week
Go Live!
Getting Real

Compared to previous titles this one is much easier. The 50 hour achievement has gone so it might not be as time consuming but you still require luck for the In Form! achievement.

Thanks to Xerofox for the awesome sig!

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