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- Filling Cabinets - 30
Win a Cup in Seasons

This achievement requires you to be in seasons and play cup matches not season matches. Cup matches are only accessible at certain times so be sure to check. It says in the menu for seasons when the next cup is and when the current one closes. For this achievement you need to win 4 games in a row against real people. This is probably the toughest achievement on the game. There isn't much I can say that will help you apart from Goodluck!. It is highly advised to press B instead of A when you get to the Champions Screen after winning the Cup. Everyone that does this is reporting that the achivement has unlocked for them. My friend played the cup 3 times until it finally unlocked doing this

- Hello World - 5
Play your first match with your Online Pro

See One of the Bros as this will be unlock during the same game/s.

Skill Games

- Bronzed - 30
Complete the Bronze stage of all Skills

The Skill Games are accessed from the main menu. There are 8 skill games and they are as followed. This also includes the bronze score target for each.

Lob pass: 15,000
Dribbling 5,000
Shooting: 5,000
Advanced shooting: 3,000
Crossing: 2,000
Free Kicks: 10,000
Penalties: 7,000
Ground pass: 5,000

Each challenge will have instructions and a target score for you to beat. Beat the bronze target score for all 8 skill games and the achievement will unlock.
They aren't too hard as they are only bronze.

You get extra points for hitting targets, dribbling in the right direction and if you cross to the right person. The time and amount of tries remaining will increase your score too. You can lose points in many ways such as hitting cones, hitting the wall and running the ball out of bounds.

- Road to Mastery - 30
Unlock a Skill Challenge

This achievement requires you to beat the bronze, silver and gold challenges on one skill game. The easiest skill game in my opinion is the dribbling one. I prefer to use Ronaldo over Messi but that is just me. To change the player you use you need to go to skill games and then select team/player. Select the team of your choice and player of your choice. One tip is to hold when going round the cones as it keeps the ball close to you and the player moves a lot slower. This prevents you from hitting the cones and taking the ball out of bounds. These again should not be too hard.

- Skill Legend - 50
Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges

This achievement is quite hard as some of the challenges are very difficult. The easiest one in my opinion is dribbling. To get legendary on this challenge you need a score of 22,500. As stated in the previous achievement choose Messi or Ronaldo. It's very easy to knock the ball out of bounds on this challenge losing 500 points each time. So make sure you're holding when going round the cones. It's also advised to do a few trial runs to memorize the course and to try and perfect each part. A few tips to get extra points is to score and finish as fast as possible. Another tip is to start over if you don't get past the defender within 1 or 2 tries.

Video Guide from bronze to Legendary:


- Trolling for Goals - 15
Score on a free kick after running over the ball

Easiest method requires 2 controllers. Start a kick off match in EAS FC Match Day and put the controllers on opposite teams. Start the game up and give yourself a freekick by sliding with the other controller. Again use the second controller to move the wall out of the way by using or . Then press to take control of the keeper and run him out of the face of the goal. This leaves you with an open net so you can't miss. Then select the player with the best accuracy and press and to bring two extra players in with the main controller. Then hold and hold at the same time. The player will run up, press A immediately and he should run over the ball. You now have an open net and a tap in which will unlock the achievement.

Note: Only one player has to run over the ball. Holding and at the same time is a must.

Video Guide:
- No Goal for You! - 30
Goal Line Clearance

Credit for this guide goes to neeker75

Firstly, choose to control a weak team. Teams in the npower League 2, for example, are usually on one-star. Use any of them. Choose a strong team as your opponent - Manchester City, Barcelona, Liverpool (ok, they're hardly strong now, but I'm a fan) - it doesn't matter.

Secondly, and very importantly, go to control settings and turn ''Auto-Switching'' to ''Manual''. By doing so, the game doesn't auto-switch you to a random player near the ball, which allows you to be in full control of the player you need to do the goal-line clearance.

Thirdly, switch difficulty to ''Legendary''.

Now, what you need to do is pretty simple. Once you win the ball, run back towards your goal and kick it out for a corner. When play resumes, quickly press to switch to a player near the goal, and have him run to the far post. With auto-switching turned off, the game doesn't switch you away, so you're safely tucked at the far post.

What happens next is all about luck. When the corner swings in, hope that the opponent connects with a header/shot etc. that flies past your goalkeeper and towards the far post. Press immediately to clear it if it does, and the achievement should unlock.

It may take a few attempts, but it's easier than waiting for a shot to come in (usually leading to a goal rather than a clearance because the opponents are just too quick), or trying to concede a freekick. Corners are easier to concede and if you fail with the clearance, you could concede another corner pretty quickly as well.

- Creeping on the Down Low - 5
Wall creep, free kick is blocked by wall

This achievement is a little misleading. You have to block someone's free kick you cannot have your free kick blocked. Concede a free kick and when your opponent is lining up a free kick press RB to creep forward. The referee may or may not notice you. If he does you may get a yellow card. If he doesn't notice press Y as the free kick is taken. Hopefully the ball strikes the wall, if it does you will get the achievement.

- Body Control - 5
Score an off balance shot

This achievement is very easy and will pretty much be unlocked by accident at some point. To make it easier for yourself you should use your pro. It's also advised to use someone who has low balance if you don't use your pro.

Video guide:

- Cheeky - 5
Chip the Keeper

This is also another very easy achievement. Put a kick off match on amateur and play as any 5 star team against a 1 star team. Try to get a one on one with the keeper and hold and press to chip it over the keeper as he is rushing out.

- Get In! - 15
Score a Diving Header

This achievement is easier than it sounds. You can start a kickoff match on amateur. Choose a team who has a player with good heading such as Bayern Munich(Gomez) or Athletico Madrid(Falcao). Then edit CPU customisation by pausing the match. Then go to settings and then game settings. Finally go to CPU game customisation. Change sprint speed, acceleration, GK ability, Positioning: Run Frequency, Line height and put first touch control to 100. This makes the CPU beyond useless even on legendary. Cross the ball to your striker and use + to shoot. You should get it in a few tries.

- Brains in Brawn - 15
Shield the ball out of play for a goal kick

Simply pass the ball to a defender from the start of a kick off match. Hold + while standing near the line and wait for someone to tackle you.

Video Guide:

- Get Physical - 5

Simple enough. When the opposition has the ball and knocks it to run onto you should go in front of the player and try to intercept it. If you get to the ball first and gain possession the achivement will unlock

Thanks to Xerofox for the awesome sig!

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