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ok for everyone having issues with this achievement, i have a good strategy to boost this one. first you need to pick a low rated team and have a friend pick the same exact team but with a different jersey color. this is the important part now, go to matchmaking settings, and set the club quality matching to "restrictive" (this matches you against other players who picked a team with the exact same team rating as you.) then set club type to "match mine" (this allows you to play against only players who pick teams in the same club as you.) if you want added control you can set guests to "match mine" as well (its up to you if you want to add a second controller as a guest or not, but your friend must do the same thing as you.) now when you search you will more than likely find your friend and you can play each other. after this game, obviously one person will advance and the other will have to start over, so if you want to make sure you win the cup, just wait for your friend to win a match and you can meet up in the quarter finals and repeat. the downside is that you have to wait for your friend to win enough games to catch up to you, or add a few more friends to boost this all together.
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