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Hi all, I am not a traditional halo fan, I own 1, 2, 3 and Anniversary and have played the others. I loved the campaign and MP in Halo 1 and anniversary, and the SP and MP were enjoyable in 2 and 3. However I felt that ODST was a chore to play and I couldn't finish reach because I got too bored, the reach multiplayer was also extremely disappointing as I felt I was just playing the same bland map over and over with no tactics :/

What I want to ask of some of you more ardent followers of the series is if you think Halo 4 will return the multiplayer and Single Player aspects back to its roots, or if it will continue in the direction that it has been traveling in. I love the release date for this as COD is the only game I will be getting around this time, but if it seems to be done following reach's formula I will pass on this.

The only reason I ask this now is because if I don't buy Halo then I'll be getting XCOM or Dishonoured which release on the 9th, AC3 and Blops 2 are confirmed.

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