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well after a couple games i thought i would share my thoughts, no crashing or lag or anything so far, so thats 1 positive, gameplay seems pretty good, i like the recoil and such.

bad points is the menus, customise class etc, very cluttered and confusing, took around 5 minutes to check out my class, only to realise that it didnt really change much.
red outlines through walls is a terrible idea, i think it only happens if a teammate has seen that player, and it is supposed to simulate that they would radio their teammates of that position or something, but i dont like it, stupid imo.

overall i will buy the game day 1 as i liked the first ones singleplayer, and it will probably be a good second singleplayer, multiplayer looks ok, not as good as bf3, but hell, a couple of hours overtime pays for it so im not worried about the 30 spent.

Plus bf4 beta
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