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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
Focus more on the Easter Eggs like the RvB reference achievement and I think the whole achievement concept could be a lot more enjoyable.
I think games should scrap the multiplayer achievements and just go for
1. "Beat level" - obvious
2. "beat game on legendary" - an actual achievement
3. "do (fun/random/hard action) on a specific level" - blatant, specific, requires skill
4. "easter eggs" - vague, hard to find, often hilarious

I'm playing Borderlands 2 right now, and I really like the achievements/challenges that are based on easter eggs or random. Like Double Rainbow or JENNNKKKINNNS or "Shoot this guy in the face." Like if there was a Halo 3 "Listen to every variation of the RoosterTeeth Door conversation" achievement, it would have been great.

Multiplayer usually has incentives of its own (ranks/armor). Theres no real reason game companies to insert the usual 'REACH RANK 50' or 'play a perfect game' just creates boosting parties. Those would probably be cut in half (at least) if there weren't releated achievements.

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