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I've finally started a New Manager Career Mode with Sheffield United in English League One while playing on World Class Difficulty.

Starting with a Budget of 1,600,000 there were only a couple of assets worth over 500k to sell, so I had to largely rely on Player exchange Deals plus Cash to be able to Sign Players.

My intention when starting a Sheffield United Career Mode was to Sell all of my Backup Players and valuable First Team Players to fund Signing young Players with high Potential or large scope for Attribute Growth using the Database. (Here)

Sheffield United - Season 1 - Summer Transfer Window

Players Out:
Kevin McDonald - 1.9m to Blackburn
Harry Maguire - 750k to Leicester
Ryan Flynn - 400k to Derby
Michael Doyle - 200k to Leicester
Marcus Williams - 325k to Charlton
+ Others Players used in Player Exchanges

Players In:
Jereon Lumu - 900k (600k + 300k Player) from Willem II (Eredivisie)
Niklas Barkroth - 375k from IFK Goteborg (Allsvenskan)
Luke Shaw - 375k from Southampton (Premier League)
Scott Fraser - 50k from Dundee United (SPL)
Alessio Cragno - 500k from Brescia (Serie B)
Vyacheslav Podberezkin - 725k* from Lokomotiv Moskva (Russian League)
Menno Koch - 250k plus a Player* from PSV (Eredivisie)
Lucas Torro - 550k from RM Castilla (Liga Adelante)
Aleksandr Putsko - 425k from Spartak Moskva (Russian League)

Note - Some of the Fee's given above do not count Players that were included with the Cash in an exchange Deal. Unfortunately there is no record of the Players or the Values of these Players that were included in the Transfer Deals.

As I've now reached January of 2013 in Career Mode, I can confirm that these Players have improved considerably from their original Transfer Values and Attribute Levels so here are their Stats from the Database with some of Details about them.

Player Potential From FIFA 13 Career Mode Database: (Link)
Key: A = Ability, P = Potential, PG = Potential Growth, GSF = Growth So Far (Upto January 2013)
GK - Alessio Cragno - Brescia - Age:18 - A: 60 - P: 85 - PG:+25 - GSF:+4 To 64
Description: Cragno is a Young Keeper with Great Potential, worth having as a Sub Keeper at a Big Club.
CB - Menno Koch - PSV - Age:18 - A:62 - P:78 - PG:+16 - GSF:+3 To 65
Description: Koch is a giant 6ft 5" Central Defender well worth the Fee.
CB - Aleksandr Putsko - Spartak Moskva - Age:19 - A:62 - P:80 - PG:+18 - GSF:+5 To 67
Description: Putsko is another big Central Defender at 6ft 3", a bargain.
LB - Luke Shaw - Southampton - Age:16 - A:58 - P:83 - PG:+25 - GSF:+5 To 63
Description: Shaw is also large at 6ft 1" and has improved very quickly.
CM - Lucas Torro - RM Castilla - Age:17 - A:63 - P:79 - PG:+16 - GSF:+2 To 65
Description: Lucas Torro is another giant at 6ft 3", can play CM/CAM/CF/CDM.
CM - Scott Fraser - Dundee United - Age:17 - A:46 - P:79 - PG:+33 - GSF:+6 To 52
Description: Fraser has the largest Attribute Growth Potential in the whole game, a nice experimental Player.
CAM - Vyacheslav Podberezkin - Lokomotiv Moskva - Age:20 - A:62 - P:83 - PG:+21 - GSF:+5 To 67
Description: Another big Player at 6ft 1", has Red Boots and can play CAM/CF/CAM.
ST - Niklas Barkroth - IFK Goteborg - Age:20 - A:58 - P:80 - PG:+22 - GSF:+5 To 63
Description: Barkroth is a massive Bargain at 375k, Right Footed with incredible Pace.
ST - Jereon Lumu - Willem II - Age:17 - A:63 - P:82 - PG:+21 - GSF:+3 To 66
Description: Lumu like Barkroth is also very Fast but is Left Footed, which is rare to give a better balanced Strikeforce.

When you consider that some of these Players have increased by +6 in around 5 Months, I would definitely recommend all of them for any Lower League Club or even as Backup's to Loan out when Managing bigger Clubs.

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