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Originally Posted by Vectorman953 View Post
I think games should scrap the multiplayer achievements and just go for
1. "Beat level" - obvious
2. "beat game on legendary" - an actual achievement
3. "do (fun/random/hard action) on a specific level" - blatant, specific, requires skill
4. "easter eggs" - vague, hard to find, often hilarious

I'm playing Borderlands 2 right now, and I really like the achievements/challenges that are based on easter eggs or random. Like Double Rainbow or JENNNKKKINNNS or "Shoot this guy in the face." Like if there was a Halo 3 "Listen to every variation of the RoosterTeeth Door conversation" achievement, it would have been great.

Multiplayer usually has incentives of its own (ranks/armor). Theres no real reason game companies to insert the usual 'REACH RANK 50' or 'play a perfect game' just creates boosting parties. Those would probably be cut in half (at least) if there weren't releated achievements.
Agreed. I'm really enjoying Borderlands 2's achievements because they had almost 0 involvement with other players aside from a few simple challenges that could be done with a dummy controller. The only ones I don't really care for are the character-specific action skill achievements because Salvador and Zero both require extensive amounts of playtime to unlock it, but that's more of a personal preference. I'm also not particularly fond of the achievements for finding Donkey Mong and Jimmy Jenkins because it's really just quit-grinding the same area for several hours on end, but even than that's something that doesn't interfere with other people and it can be done at your own leisure if you don't want to grind it for 6 hours straight.

Edit: Oh yes, everybody that hasn't already done-so should check the first post in this topic. Dead Like Me had the idea to turn the thread into a Halo Information FAQ and we've begun slowly converting it to something a bit more current. Take a look at it and let us know what you think. Let me know if you have any suggestion for what you would like to see added.

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