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Origins of Pain: Detailed Squirrel Locations [TEXT]

I know there is a thread already about the squirrels, but this would probably be best to have it's own thread instead of further down a page where some may not see it.

I would like to thank the guys over at the RedLynx forums and the guys here for putting the basic list together and finding all the squirrels.

I did not find any myself, I simply put together this detailed list.

The list is in order of tracks you will play.

Hope this helps!


1. Carnival of Rust (Racing Evolved) - Use the Phoenix and get the first checkpoint. Now what you want to do is floor it and go for a front flip which will eventually allow you to smack your front wheel into the target below. Once you hit the target, proceed through the track and when you reach the Nut House, you will get trolled by some squirrels. You also mustn’t fault between hitting the target and reaching the Nut House.

2. Jet Lag (Racing Evolved) – You’re going to want to reach the very tip top of the large hill (before you go over a broken plane wing and to the next checkpoint) and then roll all the way down safely to find the evil squirrel that blows you up.

3. Buccaneer Bay (Racing Evolved) – Proceed through the track until you go up a large log and then down another and up another incline. After the incline, jump over to the next orange wood platform from the one which just exploded. Drop down and you should get a checkpoint almost inside a palm tree. Now reverse back over a tip of a wooden beam and down below. Once you land safely, drive into the plant to see a chilling squirrel.

4. High Level Degree (Adrenaline Rush) – There are three glass windows which you will need to break by touching your wheel into them. Once all three are broken without faulting, you must reach the end of the track.
  1. Window 1 is located at the bottom of a ramp you will go over right past the first checkpoint. Carefully back down the ramp to get this one.
  2. Window 2 is located right in plain view after crossing the second checkpoint. Doing a frontward flip into it is the best way to hit this one.
  3. Window 3 is located right in front of the giant fan which you will see in plain sight. To get this one, carefully drop down and back up into it. Now proceed to finish the track and the squirrel will be sitting there.

5. The Big Dig (Survival of the Fastest) – At one point in the track, the scaffolding that you are driving on will begin to collapse forwards. You will need to carefully drive into the second row of scaffolding from the top of the next set of scaffolding. Once here, continue forwards into a skull in the wall. Now drive into the pool and wait to see another somewhat sinister looking squirrel.

6. Dry Dock (Theory of Acceleration) – For this one the Phoenix is recommended. Proceed through the track until you reach a checkpoint in front of a concrete barrier with a stack of I-beams in the driving line that you would go over. Slowly go up this ramp and drift back downwards from the top while leaving you rider’s posture fully back. Once you hit the plywood on the scaffolding, immediately push forward on your rider’s posture. This should place you over the dynamite and what you’re going to want to do is try to land your front wheel into the plywood behind the dynamite and then crash on purpose and try to get your rider inside the minecart. Once you do so, the cart will traverse a short distance and some unhappy squirrels will throw cans at you; this one may take a few tries.

7. Night Shift (Theory of Acceleration) - When going through the track, remain on the top route where the track applies a night vision type filter to the game camera. At the end of this section along the air ducts, you will see a black switch positioned on the wall in front of you. You must hit the switch with either wheel and then proceed through the track without faulting. Eventually you will come to a wooden plank wall that you break through. Drop down into the hole in the building after you break through to find the squirrel.

8. Toy Box (Theory of Acceleration) – At one point in the track you will see a robot lift up a pipe for you to drive on. Continue past it and you will come to a railroad track piece and a chromeball. The chromeball will fall down into a back and forth pathway. Follow the ball down into this pathway. Its okay if you fault, you just need to reach the hole at the bottom and land inside without faulting in between your attempts.

9. Colosseum (Theory of Acceleration) - After you drive over the triangle shaped roof, there is a gap to a large wooden ramp with the next checkpoint on top. At the top of this ramp bailout and you will see a rope with a metal loop attached. Grab this loop and you will slide down to the middle of the colosseum, before the end of this rope you will see another rope with a loop, release the first loop and grab the second loop. Before the end of this second rope, you will see a square shaped hole that you can fall into. Fall into this hole and fire will rise, and laughing squirrels will roast marshmallows from the heat of your burning corpse.

10. Aftermath (Theory of Acceleration) - Drive slowly up the first ramp and wait here for a second. Reverse back down the ramp and the car before the start will have its hood gone. Touch the fire and then do the track as normal (without faulting). After you pass a couple steaming red barrels, you will see two steaming pipes and then a trap door will open. Fall down inside the trap door area and the squirrel will come running out.

NOTE: You CAN crash once you land inside the door and also the water at the start on the ramp CAN be touched (it will not put out the fire).
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