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When i first played it my actual thoughts was wtf is this, BUT

i do like it, its seems like a good cross between cod and bf3, im not a cod fan no more i much prefer bf3, for some reason i cant see ea putting the same amount of time in on this as they put into bf3 but i think its turned out pretty good

Graphics are pretty poor and i think there the same as the graphics on the bf3 beta when that was released but i did read that there was gonna be an HD content disc, shopto have confirmed it on there site also

The thing that annoys me is the bullet damage seems really really high, seems so easy to die on this, maybe that will be fixed?

When an enemy is highlighted in red it means he killed your buddy and it shows him on the game for a certain time so you can try and get revenge

You cant really go off this as we only have 1 gamemode and 1 map on this beta, im pretty sure it will be alot better with the full release, its a major step up from the last moh online

Ill be pre ordering this next week, ive always been a moh fan

Heres some gameplay i recorded


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