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Originally Posted by EngagedMetal7 View Post
However I felt that ODST was a chore to play and I couldn't finish reach because I got too bored, the reach multiplayer was also extremely disappointing as I felt I was just playing the same bland map over and over with no tactics :/
I don't like to get involved with these sorts of conversations, but what Halo game has ever had 'tactics'?

When the loadouts in Reach were released I tried to form a FF team, to try make the game more tactical, but I felt Halo doesn't really lean towards 'tactical gameplay'.
Sure, some game types (Invasion specifically) are more co-operative and tactical in which points to take, but I don't see how you can generalize that every map is 'bland' and there is no tactics, when the gameplay style doesn't really suit it?

Also, this question would have been perfect to ask once the game was released, so 'seasoned' Halo players could let you know what they thought of Halo 4 gameplay in comparison to Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST etc etc....

Shame to hear you're not buying H4 simply because of different people's opinions. Although its understandable when you're purchasing COD, AC3 and other games all around the same time, and a choice needs to be made. If only we were millionaires
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