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Those complaining about the red outline. That only happens when your fire team buddy is killed. It shows the enemy's location for a few seconds if you kill that person then your buddy instantly respawns on you. Its like dodge ball. Is it realistic? No but every single thing in this game or any game for that matter does not have to be realistic.

The menu is not confusing for me, it is similar to the menu in Madden NFL 13 so that's probably why. I'm guessing this is an EA menu interface thing much like how Microsoft is using its metro UI for its phones, PCs, tablets and the xbox 360. A tutorial video would have been nice for those who will get confused.

"3 - No ammo pickup from dead enemies, not had a buddy who has replenished my ammo yet, and i can see myself running out very quickly on a regular basis. How do you get ammo without a fire buddy?"

Your secondary weapon, either pistol, machine pistol or shotgun(depends on the class) has unlimited ammo. Also you can give ammo to anyone not just your fire team, I saw the option on a regular teammate earlier. So I'm sure they can give you as well. You just don't get the bonus xp for it. You can't heal them though.
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