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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
I can't help but wonder why the hell nobody is willing to take the plunge and produce a Halo movie. Between Landfall, Forward Unto Dawn, and all of the other live-action shorts, it's all too apparent that the production value and focus on quality is through the roof. I don't think they would let a Halo movie hit theatres that was anything short of perfection.
There actually has been a halo movie in the works since about 2007/8, and I think that they plan to make it soon, do some trivia on it, maybe you can find something, it was going to be produced by peter jackson (or maybe directed, can't remember now). But I thinks that we should see a halo movie within 4 years hopefully.

Edit* There is also some random halo cartoon movie thing at my local video store... looks bad.
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