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Originally Posted by JeremyVersion1 View Post
Hanoi in Black Ops wasn't bad at all and it was dark. I think the biggest problem with this map in MOH is not that it's dark, it's just a fucking mess with shit everywhere. There's too much junk all over the place making it more cumbersome to flank around and too easy for people to hide in random spots.

The other complaint I have, and this is due to it being a beta, is doing great in a game and then walking down a flight of steps only to be kicked out to the main menu, with all XP lost. Hard to go back into the game after that.
I hated Hanoi, honestly. I get what you mean though, it's still better than this map. I feel like everywhere I run, I'm bumping into a wall, or a piece of rubble on the ground, or some other garbage that gets me stuck and the next thing I know, I'm getting shot in the back. I think I'll enjoy the game once it's released, but I know I'll never enjoy playing this map.

I haven't been kicked out of a game on the beta yet, thankfully. I do lose connection when it tries to go to a new match on occasion, but that's it. Maybe I'm just lucky though, since I know EA servers aren't the greatest.

Anyone else been getting killed and when it shows the kill cam, your body flies in the air like you just got blown up, but really all that happened was you got shot. Shit is making my sides split from laughing so hard.
What are you doing, Julian?! The chicken fingers aren't even cooked! You want us to get sarsaparilla or something, you dick?
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