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So close just two more moves for Ryu's command training please help

Currently doing Ryu's command training all but 2 moves have fallen the moves I have left are

Mekkyaku Senryu (During Ongyoin) A - half circle A - full circle A

Senko-Izuna (counter/Hold)

Now I have pulled of all the other Izuna's (much to my suprise) including the counter versions so I do actually feel it is just a matter of time before I pull of the Senko-Izuna still any info would be great it is however the Mekkyaku Senryu that I'm really looking to nail.

Like I said these are the last 2 moves I need to do I can practically taste the Ryu training title and Ryu's voice over I am actually going to leave my Xbox 360 on because I just don't want to have to go through all of the Izunas again.
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