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So here's my Liverpool side after almost two seasons (I'm at April 2014):
Ter Stegen - 84
Kelly - 82, Skrtel - 86, Agger - 86, Johnson - 81
Gerrard - 84, Allen - 86
Eriksen - 85
Suarez - 90, Sturridge - 85, Assaidi - 84

Subs: Astori - 82, Enrique - 82, Denisov - 83, Romulo - 81, Witsel - 86, Ba - 85, Sterling - 79

Notable reserves: Coates - 77, Robinson 73, Coady - 70, Shelvey - 78, Suso - 71, Yesil - 72, Tello - 78

I rotate the squad a lot and hence that side is very rarely the team that I send out, however I would probably consider that my strongest side. While I highly recommend any player listed here, these are a few of my favourites:

Ter Stegen is a great keeper - he reached 83 last season however mysteriously lost two rating during a two month spell on the sidelines, and he has just got back up the level he was at before.

Skrtel and Agger are a highly recommended CB partnership, they seem to boast a strong understanding. Coates and Astori are also highly competent replacements who also keep the right footer/left footer partnership I have grown very used to. My full backs are all competent but Robinson's ability seems to be much higher than his 73 rating - he is fast, a good defender and a skilful player on the attack too.

Allen has grown astonishingly strongly and has been top for league assists throughout my career, sparking 35m+ bids from Barcelona and Real Madrid ever since January 2013. Eriksen was a summer 2013 buy and he has been an incredible buy. His value had doubled in just under half a season from the 15.5m I bought him for to over 33m. He was intended as a second choice attacking midfielder but he has been so prolific he has pushed Gerrard back to be more commonly used as a defensive midfielder. Suso is also a top quality attacking midfielder who has shown very strong growth to get to his current rating - he's so good I'm not afraid to use him against the top sides such as Man Utd and Chelsea (he scored against both last season).

Up front, it's hard to look past Suarez who finished top scorer last season and this season has averaged a goal per game across all competitions. He would be incredibly difficult to replace and his versatility across the front line is valuable. Ba has been good but often inconsistent, however Sturridge became a very good second season buy after a slow start to his career - he went five or so games without scoring before netting a hat trick against Chelsea in October time. Assaidi is a good player, but for me Sterling is the standout winger - pacey and skilful with a good eye for goal. Tello had a fantastic goalscoring record last season despite being a squad player and comes highly recommended too - he was nearly out of contract and cost me 1.5m - bargain, plain and simple.

This summer I'll probably be looking to sell Denisov, who has become a less important player this season, and potentially Ba, and I will probably look to bring in another skilful young striker (Jovetic has appealed since day one) and perhaps a young playmaking midfielder - my squad as a whole still feels a bit thin on the ground in the middle of the park. I'm also looking for a young keeper as second choice, maybe Butland.

On a side note, what international jobs became available in your careers? I picked up the Belgium job at the start of January 2013, a side who became a five star team this season - not bad for a first international job. Will probably lead them into the world cup/euros and then leave to take another role as I don't feel like staying with one country too long.

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