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Nice guides there FelizP they came in handy when I forgot some of the upgrade locations and lost chao locations. As someone as already pointed out during the Boss Attack mode you can get infinite lives during Sonic/Shadow's 2nd Boss encounter in space the stage does not end it's the method I used to rack up extra lives for the last 2 final boss battles (not that I needed the extra lives).

A tip for Cannon's Core if you are struggling to get the A ranks is to freeze the time and kill extra enemies once the timer has stopped and collect extra rings it helps to get high multiplers with Tails and Eggman.

Obviously missions 1, 4 & 5 A ranks are based on high score and missions 2 & 3 are based on time probably best to have to all upgrades to get higher multiplers with Tails/Eggman aswell as taking shortcuts to get quicker times on the stages.

Also I like to point out the 180 emblem achievement unlocks once you get onto stage select maybe it has to see you have Green Hill stage unlocked.

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