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Origin of Pain Extreme Tracks Gold Walkthroughs

UPDATE: Updated 2nd post for better quality replays (w/o commentary)
UPDATE: See second post for my own videos with walkthrough

Hello, I have recently gotten the All Gold achievement, which requires earning gold on all tracks in the new Origin of Pain DLC for Trials Evolution.

I thought I would try to write a step by step - or obstacle by obstacle, rather - guide to the three extreme tracks in the new DLC.

A few notes beforehand:
1 - I consider myself skilled/knowledgeable with this game. My current world rank is hovering in the low 500's overall without too much time spent in the DLC. My tips may not work for you, or you may have another way you like to do things, that's fine, this is just a guide for those people struggling.
2 - I will have videos from youtube to help you understand which obstacle I'm talking about, but since I have no recording equipment, I can't narrate my own gold runs, for this I apologize.
3 - Just reading this will not get you gold. Practice practice practice! I am only as good as I am now because of 5+ days of play time.

Track 1: Back to the Attic - Gold Requirements: 2:25.000 with 10 or less Faults

1 - First platform/fall - 0:14
Just give yourself enough throttle to put your front wheel past the edge of the platform, then let go of throttle and hold forward, and front flip onto the platform below

2 - Jump/Tire - 0:16
A simple bunny hop will get you from the platform you landed on to the next one. If you can't land a bunny hop, go back to the easy tracks and practice! Once you're on the platform, if you can keep your momentum and lift your front tire up to hop onto the tire, do so, if you want to slow down and stabilize, feel free to do that as well.

3 - Ramp over the fence - 0:19
There are 2 ways to do this:
a) You can do like the guy in the video does, and bunny hop from the platform over the fence and then flip (not necessary, but easier to land usually) into the next area
b) fall down to the platform below you, then ramp up over the fence. Nothing too difficult yet.

4 - Vaulting - 0:22
This part can be somewhat troubling for some, but really is simple. Simple gun it up the ramp, and as your front tire comes off the top of the ramp, lean forward into your jump to gain some extra air. You want your front tire to clear the fence, and have your back tire hit it and lean into it to flip over it like the first fence. You almost always need a flip here to avoid landing in the void and crashing in the next area.

5 - Barrel Jumps - 0:26
This part is a bit difficult, but the key is in the rider position. You may see the rider in the video lean to a neutral position, this is what you want to do. Keep your bike near the back (away from the barrel) and position your rider in/near the center of the bike. Gas forward and as you approach the barrel lean back to pick your tire up, clearing the first barrel. As your rear tire grips onto the first barrel, lean forward to perform a bunny hop, if done correctly you will hop over to the second barrel. Take time to stabilize in the wooden area before the next jump.

6 - Invert to wood ramp - 0:31
This part is easily one of the hardest parts of the track. There are two ways, although mostly the same, to get over this.
a) Do as the rider in the video does, get on the wooden plank over the barrel, stabilize, lean forward, and feather the gas up ramp. keep leaning forward until your front tire hits, have you bounce a bit, lean back into your back tire with slight gas, and stabilize on the logs.
b) Similar, but a bit quicker/faster. Hop onto the wooden ramp above the barrel, gas hard into the ramp but release upon clearing the level of the logs, and lean hard into the logs, return to gassing hard and gripping with your rear tire. Stabilize.

7 - Large gap, not so large bridge - 0:40
This part is a bit of a nuisance, but once you figure it out, it's not so bad.
You'll want to be leaning neutral or back on your bike before the jump. As you throttle up the mini log ramp, lean into your bike so that you hit the maximum forward about the time your front tire is ABOUT to come off the log ramp. As soon as both tires are OFF the ramp, lean back into your bike just long enough to be back, do not hold back or you will backflip/crash on the bridge. Try to hit the bridge with your bike at a 45 degree angle and lean forward while your bike crosses it. The suspension on the bike will give you a good hop, plenty enough to get to the next, lower bridge/ramp.
Once on the lower ramp, stabilize, lean slightly back and feather gas to stay at the bottom of the ramp. Gas and bunny hop to the barrel, do not hold gas the once on the barrel, you can flip your self over, just tap it for a second to grip the barrel, then you should have enough momentum to roll over the barrel.
TIP: If you are stuck on the barrel, like on top of it but you can't move, tap LT/Brake rapidly, as this can make your bike curl over the barrel.

8 - Ramp to pipe to roof - 0:50
once you clear the barrel, lean back as to not flip over forward. Gas through the ramp to get maximum air, land your back tire on the pipe while still holding gas and simultaneously leaning into the landing, if done correctly you should shoot up the pipe and land on the roof outside.
If you wreck/can't start the ramp from the barrel, reverse as far as you can up the back of the ramp and repeat the same process, but some feathering/stabilization of your bike may be necessary.

9 - Pumpkin Ramp - 0:55
You can do like the guy in the video does, which is the easiest, although not the quickest. Try to bunny hop onto the pumpkin ramp. Go ahead and stabilize and then just hold forward all the way. Once you are balanced and forward, just throttle it and you should land just fine after making in air adjustments.
Once you are below the pipe bump, you can either take your momentum and try to just 'bounce' over them and continue to the next checkpoint. If you want to stabilize first, just land, then gas hard to force your bike up then let up a bit and drive over the pipes. Pretty easy.

10 - Mini ramp, not so mini jump - 1:07
This ramp is similar to the log ramp earlier, in being you want to be in a neutral position, then lean into the jump. If you lean into the ramp as your going up it, you should land the gap no problem. try landing on your back tire just before your front one, and feather the gas to stabilize.
Part 2 - the invert roof
This part may be a bit tricky, its like a large version of the invert to the log ramp earlier. Stabilize on the lower ramp, move to a neutral position, increase your gas steadily to go up the ramp, once your front tire clears the landing, lean hard into it and let off gas to go over to the next checkpoint.

11 - Chimney to downhill ramp - 1:16
The chimney is intimidating and can be frustrating, but its fairly easy. Lean back/neutral and gas up to the base of the chimney. Your back tire should hit the base and once it does, let go of gas. Lean hard into the chimney, it should 'whip' your bike over the chimney. Allow your bike to roll forward a bit and lean back and grip your back tire, feather onto the chimney and stabilize.
From here, lean into the back of your bike, give just enough gas to fall off the chimney and full throttle it into the ramp, and jump up the swinging piano platform.

12 - Piano Time - 1:23
From here you have to options:
a) You can take your momentum from the ramp, and throttle it up the log and bunny hop onto the piano or:
b) You can stay near the non-piano end and make the platform lean down, then get up to the piano edge and bunny hop onto the piano. Speed isn't necessarily key, you need a good hop to get height on the piano.

Once you land on the piano, land on your back tire and barely hit the gas while leaning hard into your front tire. Feather gas up to the top and your next check point.

13 - Piano Time pt 2: Piano Ramp - 1:31
Wait for the platform to swing back, then forward again. On the forward swing, gas it and get a good hop onto the last roof-side. It is a bit steep so be careful. You are 99% likely to bounce so what you want to do is tap the gas to slow your descent before the fall. Once you bounce lean back slightly then forward quickly once your back tire grips. Feather and stabilize on the side. Slowly increase your gas pressure to go up the hill. Once your front tire gets up and over the top of the roof, give your gas a good shove to propel the rest of your bike over the ledge. Fall into the hole and boom! Track complete.

A Reminder, the Numbers are for when the obstacle is in the video, not a recommended time frame for gold.

I will start adding more tracks or have this thread deleted based on feedback.
Thanks guys!

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