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Originally Posted by Snowed View Post
I really like strategy games so that's probably part of it, but I think XCOM looks fantastic. There's a lot more to the gameplay than simply ordering soldiers around - you have a base that you have to manage as well, dealing with politics and managing research and money. It's pretty deep.

I'd say you should at least try getting a demo of it (I'm not sure there are any, but Steam probably has one at least) and try it out. If not, maybe just buy it used after a few weeks. At Gamestop you can buy used games and return them for full value within 7 days if you don't like it.

You could also check out the XCOM reviews. They released last night and they're routinely getting 100% scores and I have yet to see even one below 90%
I'm getting it new first week, it looks really good and nothing like it on xbox. Reviews are superb too.
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