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Originally Posted by Snowed View Post
Quit spreading misinformation. The US LE is $10 more expensive than buying the game and war games separately. So, no. I realize you're probably from Europe but you should probably not make such general comments without actually knowing.
Why was it misinformed its only cheaper to get the standard game plus the 3 map packs if you buy the halo 4 dlc pass. Which probably wasn't even price listed when this old thread was made (seems odd you've dug a 2 week old thread up just to comment on my view).

Usually map packs cost 800msp around 8 here. So that would have meant 24 for all 3, add the standard game price 40 would have made it 4 more than the 60 LE. As it stands you save 3 if you get the standard game + dlc pass, but thats so damned little surely to hell you could afford the little extra for the sheer pleasure of owning the amazing looking LE.

P.S. sorry for being European and not working in dollars, the thing is 360a and its sister site PS3t are actually UK based so theres probably one or two other Europeans here.

Originally Posted by ReverendSID View Post
It doesn't say they're exclusive, it says Early Access. At launch only 2 of the 8 specializations will be available for people who don't buy the LE. The other 6 (which the LE gives Early Access to) will be made available to non LE buyers later. They won't be unlocked by progression, they'll be unlocked by 343i at times of their choosing.
Has been a bit of a grey area the specializations untill recently, I'm sure Josh Holmes mentioned that playing war games and spartan ops missions would unlock specialization loadouts in one of the first spartan ops promos, guess it must have changed to something they release post game. I did hear frankie say the other day in a exile promo I think that spec loadouts won't include A listed guns like snipers & rocket launchers, so it shouldnt be game breaking he mentioned it would be more subtle things like plasma pistols.
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