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Originally Posted by EngagedMetal7 View Post
Fuck Halo 4.
The game might be great but the community are a bunch of arrogant cunts.
I actually think outside of warcraft the halo community can't be beat. Sure its got the hardcore guys who can tell you the exact dimensions of the pillar of autumn, and like every game its got a slight percent of gamer trolls, but for most part the players are good solid folk who happen to share a love for one of (if not the) best multiplayer fps ever made. What other gaming community has produced so many machinima videos, fan made forged maps & game variants than halo has.

Originally Posted by Snowed
I played Halo 4 (at the Roosterteeth expo thing in Austin this summer) and it doesn't feel like Halo 1 or 2. I don't really remember Reach or Halo 3 well so I can't pass judgment there.
I'm actually shocked more people haven't mentioned playing it at one of the many expos its been previewed at. I've not really heard roosterteeth mentioned halo 4 much other than the odd news story and their Halo 4 RTX horse to preview the new forgeworld.
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