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Originally Posted by coullgfx View Post
im not sure your right about the red outline, i have seen 3 or 4 enemies with the outline at once, and thats when i had no fire buddy, maybe a bug, or maybe it is something else.

interesting to know anyone can give you ammo, but is there a way to request it? i much prefer battlefields way of sharing ammo, everyone loves throwing there ammo box on the ground, not because they're giving ammo, but because they get points. Very little people will care to share on this, which is unfortunate
I am right about the red outline, the developers have stated it themselves. Anyway there is no manual way to request ammo but your soldier calls out for it every time you run low, same with health. If you have teammates who pay attention you will be fine, also it tells you when your fireteam buddy's health is low in the top right corner of the screen.

Anyway I love how you can do a Knee slide by tapping the B button when sprinting and baseball slide when holding it down. I love that the muzzle for the LMGs get hot and turn a red orange color for a few seconds before cooling down. I love little details like that.
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