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Just a heads up for whoever else is trying to complete Ryu's commands and is put off by the change in directional inputs:

Start the throw/counter and move your left stick down. As the character is launched move the stick all the way up and press A/X (Make sure to do this early in the launch). If you're confused on which side to rotate the stick just follow the character launched. So if you're on the right and you throw over to the right, start the stick down and move it around the left side of the circle. As for the 360 motion, start down or to the right and rotate it the opposite direction to the previous motion. Make sure to input the 360 fast enough.

Obviously it changes slightly depending on which direction you launch the opponent but it's the same principle. Also, if it makes it easier, look out for the 'Command Throw' notifications that appear in the top left indicating when you're supposed to have inputted the following motion.
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